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Book keeping services 

Struggling to know when you can spend money in your business? Or, how much to pay yourself as a salon owner each month?


Improve your cash flow management by allowing us to complete your regular book keeping for you. The swifter transactions are processed, the more up to date your accounts will be, which will enable you to be more in control of your business cash flow. We use XERO and DEXT to make life simple.

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        Payroll services

Is your biggest dread whether the staff will get paid on time? Running monthly payroll is one of our core services. We offer answers to questions you have about common issues such as statutory maternity leave so you can run your business smoothly and communicate policies to your team to reduce any concerns they may have. We set clear lead times with our clients so the payroll is accurate and promptly paid.

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           Annual Accounts Filing

Want to know how much you’ll be paying the taxman? The book keeping services we offer mean you are always up to date so you can view your tax liability at any point. We produce the accounts promptly after the year end so you know how much tax you will be paying and can prepare for the payment. We always present the final accounts to you near completion to ensure you have full understanding of the numbers and what they mean. We educate our clients on the numbers so you would be able to smash a Dragon’s Den opportunity and could talk through your numbers confidently!

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